Monday, November 14, 2005


That's 'bout it from the Brown Dog Brewery for this edition. Thanks for viewing ... Maybe this Blog will inspire some improvements in your own breweries ... and spur others to post thier ideas. Cheers! Browndog Posted by Picasa


The UPC label from the bin. I don't know if every Target stocks them.. Posted by Picasa


Finally the bottom was cut out for the grain to feed the roller. Enough was left to support the sides. Posted by Picasa


Rear view - shows right end in place and plate of existing hopper. Left side sits on top of end plate - held in place by the added bracket and friction.. Posted by Picasa


Right side view - Hopper slips inside of existing end plate of hopper for a friction fit. Duct tape was added to the handle slots ... Just happened to have designer red tape on hand. Posted by Picasa


Left side view - an aluminum bracket was added to this side. Posted by Picasa


The new hopper adds another 13# of capacity in addition to the original hopper. The bucket maxes out at about 26# of grist. Posted by Picasa


A JSP maltmill was added a few years ago. My solution to motorizing it while still being able to break it down for compact storage. Works fine ... but I recently decided to add some hopper capacity ... Posted by Picasa


Kegging's a dream. Never was much good at getting a siphon going. Stay tuned ... I'll post my CO2 solution to that problem. Posted by Picasa


Dry hopping anyone? Posted by Picasa


Close up of the pump, chiller, oxygen infuser, and thermometer setup. My way of doin' it anyway. May give someone some ideas ... Dear Santa? Posted by Picasa


Knocking out after a 90 minute boil. Oxygen is infused after the pump and chiller on the way to the fermenter. Last years upgrades ... Thermenator, Thrumometer and FINALLY a conical ... Fermenator! All well designed Blichmann Engineering products. I'm pleased with the performance and compactness, as everything is broken down for storage between brew sessions. Posted by Picasa


Still one of my favorite pieces of equipment ... sexy rotating sparge arm. Still going strong after all these years and batches. Posted by Picasa


Rollup the sleeves ... Let's brew! Three tier gravity feed all-grain system based on three converted kegs. Three Camp Chef burners are fed by one propane bottle. I really like these burners - very stable and height can easily be raised with 1" conduit slipped over the extension legs. A shelf was added to the HLT for stability. This shot was taken during the sparge. Posted by Picasa


Bottoms Up ... Cheers! We be havin' just too much fun here. Posted by Picasa


"Pub Town" has gone to the dogs. Posted by Picasa


The latest in the Brown Dog stainless collection. Scored this bad boy from a restraunt remodel. A FINE addition I must say! Posted by Picasa


No brewery would be complete without a kegerator! Posted by Picasa


Brown Dog ~ Name sake for the brewery. She has since passed to the great mash tun in the sky, but her memory lives on at Brown Dog Brewery. Posted by Picasa


The current brewery Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005


In the beginning ... Posted by Picasa

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